Love: The Closest Thing To Magic

I’ll never be ready to say goodbye to love. It’s that wonder that keeps you up at night and makes you wonder if the person you love is thinking about you that exact second. It’s that thing that scares away nightmares and lets you dream of something you want, but yet y you have no control over, you just think you do.  Love wears its share of disguises, and shows up whenever you dont expect it, and leaves when you dont want it too. To one person, love is a beautiful thing that can’t be undone once began.  Others find it to be more about heartbreak and willingly losing yourself to something that can tear your whole life apart. Some take advantage of those who are still young and naive, those who believe that love is the best thing anyone can offer, and that nothing bad happens when you’re in love. Once a person gives a piece of their heart to someone, they cant get it back. So why do we love when we know that you can get cheeted on, or taken advantage of? Why do we give ourselves away to it, knowing that we might not get anything in return. Why do we take these chances? Because good or bad, that first love, that first kiss, that first time you feel in your stomache is the closest thing this world has to magic.


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